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Choose excellence with our licensed and insured plumbing pros. We guarantee top-tier service, ensuring reliable and efficient solutions that meet the highest standards. Your satisfaction is our priority – trust us for all your plumbing needs!

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Kozak Plumbing delivers top-notch plumbing solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction. Our certified team ensures prompt, reliable service for all your plumbing needs. Choose us for hassle-free, efficient plumbing that exceeds expectations.


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Why choose Kozak Plumbing for plumbing? We’re experts, providing fast and reliable service. Our prices are clear, and we always put you first. Make your plumbing easy with our hassle-free experience.

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Taking Regular Care Of Your Plumbing

Can Help You Save Both Time & Money


Water consumption within homes that is directed towards toilets, showers and faucets

680 litres

Is the amount of water an average Canadian family can waste from household leaks


Your yearly savings by servicing  your water leaks with 24 hour service


What Services We Offer

Discover reliable and professional plumbing solutions tailored to meet your needs. At Kozak Plumbing, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of plumbing services. From fixing pesky leaks and clogged drains to addressing complex sewer line issues, our skilled team of licensed plumbers is dedicated to delivering top-notch service. We specialize in prompt and efficient solutions, ensuring your plumbing systems run smoothly. Trust us for quality repairs, installations, and maintenance.

General Plumbing

Our expert plumbers handle everything from installations to routine maintenance, ensuring your plumbing system functions flawlessly


Our waterproofing services encompass basement waterproofing, foundation sealing, and exterior waterproofing

Water Heater Repair

 From diagnosing problems to quick and effective repairs, we ensure your water heater functions optimally

Drain Cleaning

Keep the flow smooth and uninterrupted. Our drain cleaning services eliminate clogs, ensuring your drains work efficiently and preventing potential backups

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump installation involves placing a pump in a specially constructed pit to collect and redirect excess water away from your property’s foundation

Toilet Repair

From repairs to replacements, our skilled plumbers ensure your toilets function perfectly, providing reliable and efficient service


You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Having problems with plumbing can be annoying, especially when it stops you from using your toilet, sink, shower, or all of them! Got any questions about plumbing?


Quick Tips & Tricks

Best quick hack for a slow-draining sink?

Try a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to break down debris, followed by hot water. If that doesn’t work, a plunger can often provide a quick and effective solution.

Consider adding a programmable thermostat for energy efficiency, or an air purifier for improved indoor air quality. These HVAC add-ons can enhance your system’s performance.

Replace the worn-out washer inside the faucet. It’s a quick and inexpensive fix that can stop the annoying drip and save water.

Insulate pipes in unheated areas and allow faucets to drip during extremely cold temperatures. This helps prevent freezing by maintaining water movement.

Locate the main shut-off valve, usually near the water meter or where the main line enters your home. Turn it clockwise to shut off the water supply in emergencies.


We Deliver A Superior Process Experience

Make An Appointment

When a customer initiates contact with our plumbing company, the first step is to schedule an appointment

Prep for Appointment

Before the scheduled appointment, out team ensures all necessary resources are in place for a smooth call

On-Site Plumbing Pro

Our expert plumbers bring their skills directly to your doorstep, ensuring swift and effective solutions to your plumbing needs

Post-Service Follow-Up

Enjoy lasting satisfaction with us – our brief post-service follow-up ensures everything runs smoothly and addresses any concerns

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